Valley View Traffic Problems Any Better This Year?

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JONESBORO -- With the new school year already underway, many parents are busy dropping off and picking up their kids at school, and that's making for a whole lot of traffic on the streets in Region 8.

The rain was pouring and the Valley View School traffic was moving slowly Friday morning.

"At any given time I'd say there's anywhere from five to six hundred cars out here," said Patrolman Lyle Waterworth as he directed traffic.

Parent Scott Hammil spent 15 minutes dropping off his son.  "There's no way that they can really solve it. You know, because you got K-12 in one spot and that's a lot of kids to be dropping off in one little area," said Hammil.

The Valley View School District worked over the summer to create a new traffic plan, but is it working?

Ninth grade student Steven Holloway said, "I think it's gotten a little worse."

Bridgett Lawrence said, "My child is in kindergarten, so this is my first year and our second day.  It's actually been okay, better than I expected to be truthful."

"Today's a lot better than it was yesterday," said Parent Scott Holloway.

One of the things the city has done to alleviate the traffic at Valley View is put in this turn lane. Superintendent Dr. Radius Baker says it is helping move traffic in the mornings.

"I think the traffic plan that we have right now is making it go quickly. We've got the bus traffic and the car traffic in and out pretty quick so I think it's going pretty well," said Dr. Baker.

But the school plans to take it one day at a time.

"I think each day it's going to be a little better. Quite frankly we have 1650 and we have them all housed on one campus, K-12," said Dr. Baker, "I have told everyone that I know of that as long as we have this many students and as long as we're on one campus then there's going to be congestion and there's nothing we can do about that until we spread ourselves out a little bit further."

The city also plans to widen Cursey Cove to two lanes in order to help parent and bus traffic get to Valley View.