Craighead Co. receives over $130k from IRS

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - After owing thousands of dollars to the IRS, Craighead County has been issued a $131,637.17 refund.

County Clerk, Kade Holliday describes the process as "long and tedious" but there was some good news after all that work.

"They found that we have over paid by the 131,000 dollars," said Holliday.

It wasn't a job done alone. It took the effort of a group of people to figure everything out.

"A number of parties, Goad and Company, Senator Boozeman as well as the tax advocate helped to appoint to this, as well as ourselves and the judges office," said Holliday.

Gathering all the information they needed was not a task done over night.

"The largest part for us in this office was getting Goad and Company the reliable data that they needed and then that gave them the ability to recreate things to give to the tax advocate," said Holliday.

However, it was Goad and Company and the tax advocate that really helped with getting the refund.

"They dealt directly with the IRS, trying to get things recalculated," said Holliday.

Although, they were not able to get all the money back due to interest and penalties, Holliday said some money back is better than none.

"This county is still going to end up being out a $113,362.83 overall but it does go quite a long ways in healing some of the pain," said Holliday.

Holliday said they have been proactive in making sure that none of these errors happen in the future and that tax payer money is safeguarded for positive uses to better Craighead County.

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