Annual Health Expo Kicks off the Weekend with successful event

Davinci Tool
Davinci Tool

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The sixth annual health expo kicked off theweekend long event on Friday at the Arkansas State University ConvocationCenter.

People came to learn moreabout medical conditions they currently had, how they can eat better, and whatpractices are available in Jonesboro.

A robotic surgery toolcalled the Davinci was displayed among other exhibitions to show people aboutnew, uprising technology in surgery.

Dr. David Lewis is fromthe Otolaryngology and Facial Surgery Center and is one of the sponsors of the Expo.

He believes that everyoneshould attend to benefit themselves.

"Every age group hasdifferent kinds of health care needs, and they need to be here over the weekendso they can get those issues addressed, ask questions and get more information",says Dr. Lewis.

On Saturday, the Expo plansto have health screenings from 8am to 3pm at the Convocation Center.

Physician-led paneldiscussions cover many medical issues including, senior health care, cancerawareness, and other major issues.

Free physical exams forstudent athletes from the area were offered at the event.

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