Breathalyzers added to prom admission routine a success

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For the past couple of years, one school in Region 8 takes additional measures when checking students in for prom to keep them safer.

Apart from their apparel and accessories, these past few years students from Jonesboro High School have added passing the Breathalyzer test to their Prom AGENDA.

Every student who attends prom at JHS is expected to take an Alcohol Detection Test to be let in.

As shocking as it may seem, High School Principal Dr. Mike Skelton said it was students who stood up and took the initiative to keep the streets of Jonesboro safe on prom night.

"They were concern about some of the students from Jonesboro High School coming to some of our dances and other activities under the influence of alcohol", Dr. Skelton says.

Skelton says this practice isn't meant to get everyone they can in trouble but to help them.

"We have great students here first and foremost at Jonesboro High School and I tell our parents and our staff this all the time is that, "even good kids make mistakes sometimes", Dr. Skelton says.

He says the week of the dance the school spends time through school announcements explaining alcohol dangers and warning their students about the alcohol tests at Prom.

At JHS the policy is that if you fail the test, your parents are notified, you are cited, suspended and in extreme cases arrested.

If this plan is appealing to you and you want it in your community, Skelton says you need to voice your opinion to your teen's school.

He says that every year since they began the practice, prom has ended on good terms and he hope it's the case again tonight.

This is probably one of the most memorable things you will ever experience in High School but we want them to do it without the use of drugs or alcohol you can still have a good time and enjoy each other's company without the use of those things", says Skelton.

We asked the public on our Facebook Page, "Should Breathalyzers be used at prom?" We got lots of responses and Abby Grace Hurt says, "No. The problem is not drunk kids at prom... The problem is that kids aren't even staying halfway through prom before leaving to party."

While Martha Abington McMillin says, "Yes, because of some of the students that's what they have to do.

It has proven in the past to have saved lives and the end result keeps from spoiling it for the ones who are there to have fun."

Since they only administer the breathalyzer tests when students first enter, Skelton says they prevent students who leave and come back with alcohol by not letting them back in.

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