Bono Lake "full steam ahead"...again

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Craighead County Justices of the Peace voted to go through with funding the completion of the Bono Lake Project in their last meeting. However, Monday night, it was back in the agenda.

The full quorum court unanimously decided to continue construction on the now six year old project back on April 8. They voted to appropriate $471,000 to finish the Bono Lake, however, that didn't cut it.

According to Assistant to the County Judge, Tony Thomas, a verbal vote doesn't meet state law.

Thomas explained an appropriation ordinance had to be read in a public meeting. That document was something they didn't have in their last meeting.

"This is just kind of going back to clean up that process to ensure that we meet the muster of the law once we move funds and spend those funds on this project," Thomas said.

So, once again, the Bono Lake Project was on the agenda. It was, again, voted on unanimously to complete the project.

Now, Thomas said things are moving full steam ahead.

"[construction crew] brought off road equipment so that they can continue to move in the dirt and the mud this week so that the progress would not be slowed down," Thomas said. "Our goal primarily is to see this project complete. Hopefully, by the end of the summer."

Region 8 News will keep you updated on that progress.

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