Goad and Company gives final report into County Clerk's office

Goad and Company makes their final report to the quorum court
Goad and Company makes their final report to the quorum court

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The company that's looked into the Craighead County Clerk's office IRS issues made their final report Monday night.

Goad and Company presented their final findings to the Craighead County Quorum Court, including how many times certain errors were made in that office from 2004-2012.

The company was specifically asked to verify tax payments, tax liabilities and payroll reporting, as well as the timeliness of payroll reporting.

According to that report, almost half of the time, 109 instances out of 244 events (44.67%), the payroll tax deposits differed from the payroll tax journals. They also noted that in some cases, the payroll journals weren't available at all.

The report stated that oftentimes, the causes stemmed from math errors, interchanging state and federal tax deposits, overlooking deposits and record retention or inability to retrieve.

Other problems reported by Goad and Company involved timeliness of payroll tax deposits or adequacy of transferred funds.

According to Craighead County Clerk, Kade Holliday, many of the recommendations Goad and Company made to keep these problems from happening again have been put in place since he was sworn is as county clerk.

"I don't think we're going to have these issues going forward, especially since the implementation of this brand new system that we went to in January," Holliday explained. "We've already went lengths at trying to implement a number of the recommendations that Goad has given us as well as recommendations the legislative audit has brought to my attention."

Many of the recommendations made include creating written policies and procedures regarding supervising, monitoring and training policies in the office.

Goad and Company also recommended to the court that many job functions in the clerk's office be segregated.

With that report, Goad and Company said this should be the end of the IRS issues that plagued the county over much of 2012.

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