Victim, suspect named in Independence Co. shooting death

Randall Davis (Source: Independence County Jail)
Randall Davis (Source: Independence County Jail)

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY,AR (KAIT) – The man accused of shooting and killing his wife in Batesvillehad his bond set by a judge.

According to warrant affidavit,49-year-old Randall Davis was charged with murder in the first degree, and ajudge set his bond at $1,000,000.

In the affidavit,Davis said he and his wife, Tricia Davis, got into a verbal and physicalargument Tuesday April 23, when she left the residence for a while.

Randall Davis toldinvestigators that Tricia came back to the house a short time later and beganarguing with him again.

He told police he snapped,went upstairs to grab his gun shotgun and then shot Tricia several times nearthe kitchen door.

According to theaffidavit he then walked across to his neighbor's house and told him to callpolice because he just shot and killed his wife, and then waited on the porchfor police to arrive.

Davis is due back incourt on April 30.

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