JHS looking to expand business dept., give students an edge

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The business department is something Jonesboro High School has had for a few years. Now, they've added a new class to educate students on banking and finance.

"Banking skills is something everyone needs whether they are going to go to college or whether they are going to start their own business or go into the work force. It's a very practical application," said Jonesboro High School Teacher Marsha Isbill.

The high school decided to add the class based on interest and a number of opportunities.

"Jonesboro has a wide variety of banks and finance industry here," said Isbill.

This class prepares students ahead of time whether college is an option or not.

"It gives them an opportunity while they're in college or possibly instead of college because there are positions available if they are only a high school graduate," said Isbill.

The class is broken up into two semester courses.

"One is principles of banking and finance and one gets more into teller operations," said Isbill.

That's how student, Summer Russell feels she's been able to get ahead of the game.

"I got the chance to get a certification for finance," said Isbill.

Whether she decides to pursue it in college, Russell said the class teaches students basic skills they'll use in their daily lives.

"It has basic information in banking, credit cards and debit cards that we use today," said Russell.

After talking to a few representatives from local banks, teachers are certain this class can help students land a job after graduation.

"We asked, would this be something that if you saw a student had gone through this program would you take that into consideration and they said definitely," said Isbill.

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