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The Huckabee Clemency Controversy Continues

A majority of the state's prosecutors plan to release a letter tomorrow that they wrote to Governor Huckabee outlining how they think the state's clemency process could be improved.

However, despite an apparently new willingness to work together, a debate still simmers over how much the governor must explain himself before commuting sentences or making killers eligible for parole.

Earlier this week, the Governor asked the state's 28 elected prosecutors to send him their input on how to improve the clemency process -- a process Huckabee acknowledged last month was flawed by his policy of withholding specific reasons for granting clemency.

The letter also will call for more detailed public explanations for granting clemency which Huckabee recently built into a new policy and for the post-prison transfer board to limit the number of inmates who can ask for clemencies in a given time frame.

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