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Wynne, AR--Ron Smiley reports

Region 8 Resident to Speak at Republican National Convention

August 22, 2004--Posted 7:00 pm CDT


Wynne, AR--She’s just twenty years old and calls WynneArkansas home.  Her name is Princella Smith and she will be speaking at next week’s Republican National Convention. 


Princella is just now beginning her third year at Ouachita Baptist College.  She also plays on the basketball team.  But in her free time she is like many other young people now spending time helping on the political front.  Princella’s mother says a senior year speech while at camp was when she saw a change in her daughter.  “She has always been a good child,” Sandra Smith says, “I have always told her to think on her own but always take the time to just consider.”


It was during a time of just considering that the idea for her award winning essay took root.  Princella says “I was thinking we have all the labels for generation X but President Bush said we were examples.  So I just put them together to become Generation X-ample.” 


As for Princella’s future plans, it seems she is already practicing her politician speak.  She says she is just enjoying college right now and just has not looked that far ahead.


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