Mother: teacher tried to remove temporary tattoo with cleaning pad

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- A Jonesboro mother claims a teacher at a local daycareremoved her child's temporary face tattoo with a magic eraser, leaving achemical burn.

Amanda Pepion, mother of 4-year-old Austin Pepion, said a teacher at TheLearning Center in Jonesboro tried to remove her child's temporary tattoo witha magic eraser leaving a chemical burn on his face.

On Friday Pepion noticed a big red mark on her son's face as soon as hestepped off the school bus.

"I picked him up off the bus and I called the school, the school nursehadn't seen him," she said.

After getting in touch with a teacher, Amanda said she couldn't believe whatthey told her.

"That they had taken Germ-X and a magic eraser and gotten it off hisface with a magic eraser." A magic eraser sponge that is used as ahousehold cleaning pad.

"He's got chemical burns, we wind up going to the emergency room onFriday night," Pepion said.

Austin attended The Learning Center, a special needs school, for speechtherapy because he has trouble speaking.

"I don't know how hard it would be for her to hold him down and put achemical on his face like that, she said. "He would have had to bescreaming, in pain, and she had to have noticed that."

After reaching out to The Learning Center Barbara Pitcock, the director,released a statement about the incident saying:

       The Learning Center has receivedthis complaint and acted on the allegations which were  made.We willcontinue to investigate this situation to monitor and assure the safety andwelfare of the children we serve.

Pepion said her children will not go back to the Learning Center.

"They won't tell me who did it or why she did it. Both of my childrengo to this school and I've taken them both out of school," she said.

"I'll find a different school for them, somewhere where I know wherethe parents and the teachers are talking."

The doctor said the chemical burn could lead to a scar but Amanda is worriedabout the emotional scar.

"As soon as we took the band aids off he would go look in the mirrorand start crying in the mirror," she said.

Amanda said she has a message for other parents.

"Know what's going on with their children's daycares. We trust theseteachers are going to take care of our kids."

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