Suspected arson being investigated at several homes in Dyess

DYESS, AR (KAIT) – Dyess firefighters want help from the public regarding several incidents of suspected arson that have occurred in the past two months at vacant homes.

Dyess Fire Chief Michael Duncan said the most recent fires happened around 2 a.m. Wednesday at a newly remodeled rental home on Highway 14, and on Monday, April 22, at a house with no working utilities located off Highway 77.

The first of the four suspicious fires occurred February 14 at a house on Oak Street, across the street from Assistant Fire Chief Greg Andrew's home.

Assistant Chief Andrew says another fire at a home in a rural area of Dyess followed about a week later. "It was on the ground by the time we got there," he said. "We believe it to be arson. None of these houses had electricity to them. Nobody was living in them," he said.

No one was injured in any of the fires.

Dyess resident Jordan Cottingham lives two houses down from the house that caught fire on Oak Street. "I heard like a big boom, and it sounded like somebody hit my house, and I looked up and my whole room was lit up because it was so bright," she said. "It kind of scares me because I'm just a few houses down from this one and it could happen to anybody."

The Mississippi County Sheriff's Department is working with Dyess firefighters in the investigations.

"We've talked to Mississippi County Sheriff's Office. I can't really say a lot of what we've talked to them about, but we have talked to them," said Assistant Chief Andrew. "We will be contacting the State and trying to push forward in finding out who is doing this or how it's happening and try to get it to stop because it's just ridiculous."

Anyone with information about the fires should call the Dyess Fire Department, Dyess City Hall or the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department.

Dyess Fire Department                                                

(870) 764-2211

Dyess City Hall                                                             

(870) 764-2101

Mississippi County Sheriff's Department                     

(870) 762-2243

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