Construction, cost on schedule for new Greene County Jail

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Quite a bit of construction has been made on the new Greene County Jail, with both construction and cost for the facility on schedule.
It's an expansion that is greatly needed for the county.
"Even today's date, we're something like 50 overcrowded," Sheriff Dan Langston told Region 8 News. "Just with our people, not including the city people."
Since the first of 2013, they've had an average inmate population of 123 people, at times housing 148 inmates at once.
Sheriff Dan Langston explained the cells, that were shipped in from Colorado, will increase their bed space twice over and then some.
"We went from an 84 bed facility, with 72 males, 12 females to a 416 bed facility," Langston said.
He said there is also the possibility to expand again if need be.
"That'll give our court systems a lot more leeway instead of giving them probation," he said.
Langston told Region 8 News with overhead construction going on right now, and already completed on the south portion of the building, they expect the jail to be operational by September.
He said this will hopefully put Greene County residents' minds at ease.
"They'd get personal satisfaction that someone who makes a victim out of our citizenry, that person is going to go to jail and our courts have a place to put them," Langston said.
Once the jail is complete, the existing facility will be renovated. Part of that renovation will include a work release area and a video visitation section.
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