Bacteria is making a home in your home

Region 8 News Thursday Evening Update - Some of the stories the Region 8 News department is working on for Region 8 News at 10.

Randolph County Business Fair

Some Region 8 counties are getting an economic boost thanks to a business and job fair... Where at least half of the 40 businesses were accepting applications on site. Allison Munn has the story on Region 8 News at Ten.

Home health inspection

Amanda Hanson sorted through hundreds of health reports for Region 8 cafeterias. Now, it's time to take it to your kitchen. The rundown of hiding contaminants that may be festering in your fridge is on Region 8 News at Ten.

Sparkle season

It's the season for dresses, corsages, high heels, and perfect nails... and thousands dollars. A new study puts a price on the average cost of prom and it's a doozy. The price tag at ten.

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