Despite Tragic Loss; BCBC Continues Services

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT)- It was the first Sunday service for Browns Chapel Baptist Church after losing their church to a fire. Even with such a tragedy, members showed up with smiling faces.

"A lot of joy, a lot of happiness and that may sound strange but as we meet our people this morning they are filled with love and they just bless your heart," said Pastor Royce Bolings.

He said Sunday's service was devoted to thanking God for what they do have and knowing that there are bigger plans for the church.

"We will recognize the greatness of God, his goodness, his love and what he's going to do," said Bolings.

Even with an already close nit congregation, this tragedy has only brought them closer.

"We have really come together even though we had a close church, close relationship with one another, they have become even closer," said Bolings.

Pastor Bolings said he's been praying that God will lift him up so that he can continue to lift the spirits of his church.

"I know they're hurting, just as we all hurt and I will lift them up to the best of my ability," said Bolings.

Although, the church is going through a hard time, Pastor Bolings makes it a point to remind members to never stop helping others.

"I'm going to encourage our members to continue to give even though we have a need now to rebuild," said Bolings.

He continues to remember that a building does not make a church, it's the people who have stood by their congregation and continue to do so, even in this hard time.

"Looking forward to our church growing as God rebuilds," said Bolings.

Church services will continue to be held in the Family Life Center on Sundays at 11am and 5pm.The church is working towards getting some trailers so that they can continue Sunday school classes.

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