Investigators Question Link Between 2 Mississippi County Murders

August 23, 2004 --Posted 6:30 p.m. CDT'

Gilmore, AR -- Authorities are still waiting on an autopsy report to see how 7 year old Patricia Ann Miles was killed. They still do not know in which county she was murdered.

"We're going to definitely follow through with the kidnapping charge, but there's probably more charges coming," said Investigator Thomas Martin.

The news of Patricia's death is still leaving residents in that part of Region 8 uneasy, especially Lamar Oakes. Just today he bought more keys to better secure his home. Patricia's body was found on Oakes' farm.

Oakes says the day Patricia was found, his son had driven on that road throughout the day on a 4 wheeler and didn't see nor smell anything. Oakes says this entire situation is puzzling, and folks in Denwood look twice anytime someone new comes around.

Oakes says what's even more puzzling is that last week 81 year old Elsie Johnson of Mississippi County was also found dead on his property, just about a mile from where Patricia's body was found.

K-8 news has learned exclusive information from the Mississippi County Sheriff's department that they are looking into a possible connection between the 2 incidents. They're waiting on evidence from the State Crime Lab, but at this point confirm that the Miles and Johnson families do know each other.

Funeral ceremonies for Patricia Ann Miles will be held this Saturday at the Beautiful Zion Baptist Church in West Memphis...