Reported child abuse cases down, says advocacy official

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - According to The Northeast Arkansas Children's Advocacy Center, the number of reported child abuse cases has gone down.

"Prevention begins with awareness so we want to make sure that everyone is aware that these things do happen," said Executive Director Kristy Nichols.

The Northeast Arkansas Children's Advocacy center has worked hard to bring awareness and promote prevention of child abuse in the community.

"We've done trainings with the public. With educators, care givers, anyone that has any dealings with children," said Nichols.

However, it doesn't stop there. Their new program will continue to reach out to more people to help educate on all aspects of child abuse.

"Partners for prevention is a program we're doing in conjunction with CACD which is the crimes against children division," said Nichols.

The focus of the new program  is directed toward schools.

"We're going and talking with members of the school district, teachers, educators, parents of young children and parents of teenagers," said Nichols.

An increase in reports could be seen in the future but by educating the community hopefully all cases of child abuse will not go unreported.

"As we really hit it hard on mandated reporter training, we may see the numbers go up because there may be more reporting of it," said Nichols.

By getting involved in the effort to spread awareness, it could lead the way to saving a child from danger.

"Become involved in our partners for prevention. That program is created solely to help the community become involved and to be aware of what child abuse is," said Nichols.

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