Bono Man Confesses To Child Abuse and Murder

August 24, 2004 -- Posted at 11:24 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- Twenty-eight year old Joshua David Pfeifer is sitting in jail after confessing to police that he beat his 11-week-old son. Pfeifer and his wife brought the child into St. Benards Medical Center on Sunday. The infant had injuries that caused medical staff to become suspicious. He had a broken arm, broken ribs, massive head trauma and bruises. The little boy was air lifted to Arkansas Childrens Hospital in Little Rock and medical staff called police.

When police first started questioning Pfeifer about his son's injuries, he said the baby was with its grandfather all day. Pfeifer then changed his story telling police that he beat the infant because he was crying. Pfeifer also told police that he had gotten away with his 5-week old daughter's murder for the past five years. He said that he suffocated her with his hands because she was crying. According to Pfeifer he killed her while living in Ohio, although the child is reportedly buried in a cemetery near Bono. Police in Ohio have been notified and are investigating.