Rector HS students gain college hours with new classes

RECTOR, AR (KAIT) - This year, Senior's at Rector High School are able to gradate with nearly an entire semester worth of college credit and the benefits include more than just getting ahead.

"It will be cheaper in the long run because you're going to have to pay so much for college classes and you do not have to pay as much here," said Senior Kaitlyn Essman.

Students only pay one-sixth the cost of tuition they would normally pay at the actual university.

"Well it's a pretty obvious choice, I mean it's cheaper and you get to get all these hours done and it will be easier on my freshman year at college," said Junior Haven Cagle.

By starting the courses in her junior year, she's working to start college with 36 hours of college credit.

"I plan to take some my senior year and hopefully get enough hours so I will enter ASU as a sophomore," said Cagle.

Enrolling in the concurrent credit classes gives the student a leg up in preparing for the work load most college freshman tend to experience.

"Offering college courses at the same time as offering high school credit, it gives them the advantage of not being overwhelmed when they do enter the college campus," said Teacher Rachel McNamee.

The credit hours offered through ASU allows students to complete their high school credit along with college credit hours that can transfer to almost any college.

"We worked with the professors at ASU to adapt to some of the styles of teaching they would expect on the college level," said McNamee.

Next year, students at Rector High School will have the chance to graduate with credit hours that exceed freshman status.

"Seniors will have the opportunity to leave here with 43 hours of college credit," said McNamee.

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