Head start on financial literacy for second graders

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- A group of Region 8 students got a hands on lesson in money and savings from the experts.

Representatives from Bancorp South stopped by the Math and Science Magnet School in Jonesboro to present a lesson to first graders as part of their "Teach Children to Save" program. Children were taught things like the difference between coins and how different combinations can add up to the same amount of money.

Jennifer Steimel, a first grade teacher, at the Math & Science Magnet School, says, "I think it's wonderful to have people from the community come out and work with our children and let them see that bankers are real people. How the financial institutions work and how money plays such an important role in their life."

Caryl Steele, with Bancorp South, says, "The whole goal is to become familiar with how to handle money, different amounts of money and financial literacy couldn't start soon enough, in my opinion. The sooner kids get familiar with it and talk about it with their parents at home the better everybody is going to be as adults."

This is the second year for Bancorp representatives to teach this class. 125 first graders got to learn alongside Bancorp representatives.

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