Jonesboro police investigating attempted home invasion

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Police are looking for someone who shot at a home and tried to get inside early Thursday morning.

According to Jonesboro police, the incident happened around 3 a.m. at the 3600 block of Viking Street near the mall.

Officers say the suspect fired at least one shot through the door of the home and attempted to get inside. The person was unable to do so and ran off from the home.

"I never would have thought that nobody would come up and tryto shoot through the door or try to break in," said neighbor and cousin, Rachel Hughes.

Hughes lives 3 doors from her cousin Jerumel Berrywhose home was shot at early Thursday morning. She said she usually spends alot of time at her cousin's house.

"I mean they don't know anybody or go anywhere so it's kindof crazy how random things just happen out the blue like that," she said.

Other neighbors said the neighborhood has changed over thepast few years and now they are starting to see incidents like this happen moreoften.

"I just thinkpeople take things for granted and you know you don't have to rob or break intoanybody's house for anything, work for what you want and what you need, you don'thave to take it from nobody because everybody is out here struggling," Hughes said.

Hughes said she will do whatever she has to do to protecther family.

"It's just me and mykids that live here, whose to say somebody is watching me and my kids come in andout just like they were maybe watching over their," she said.

Lyle Waterworth with Jonesboro Police Department said theinvestigation is ongoing.

"Just like with every other case, we need the community'shelp, this is a community that is strong and we want the community to continueto help us help them," Waterworth said.

He said the suspect is dangerous and if anyone see'shim, they should call the police.

"We want everyone to be safe, if someone see's this personand believes to the him, they shouldn't approach that subject, that's what ourjob is, " he said.

Hughes said she is just glad no one was hurt.

"I just pray that everybody be okay and I hope they find theperson who did it because if he did it to this person then they will do it toanybody," Hughes said.

The suspect is a light skinned Black male, about 5'8" to5'10", wearing all black attire and a yellow bandana. If anyone knowsanything about the incident or has seen this individual you are encouraged tocall crimestopppers at 935-STOP.

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