ASU staff members are recognized

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Arkansas State University staff took a well deserved break Thursday afternoon to attend the 20th annual Distinguished Performance and Service Recognition Awards Ceremony.

ASU administration acknowledged staff members for years of service, handed out a number of Distinguished performance awards and said goodbye to those who are retiring.

Senate Staff President, Phillip Ladd, says it's important to acknowledge the invaluable people that keep the university running!

"A lot of times staff will go unnoticed," Ladd said. "This gives us a chance to appreciate them, let them know that they are appreciated by the University and appreciate the work that they do on campus."

The crowd applauded excitedly as fellow coworkers stepped forward to receive recognition for their accomplishments.

Ladd says it's the people who make up the university that make it so great.

"A lot of great people work here," he stated "We have a lot of dedicated people and we appreciate everybody that comes and helps us out."

A reception followed the ceremony after all the awards were handed out.

The Distinguished Performance Award recipients for 2012-2013 are:

Rookie of the Year - Nadia Eslinger, Residence

LifeTeam Player - Ricky Miller, Department of Management and Marketing

Unsung Hero - Kim Parker, Student Account Services

Team Achievement (Departmental Award) - Printing Services (David Maloch, Pradeep Mishra, Phareta Calkin, Floyd Cozart, Terry Corn, Lou Adams-Ray, Steven Franks, Bryan Stevenson, Arcadio Gil)

Extra Mile - Jerrod Lockhart, Student Support Services

Outstanding Part-Time - Mary Bailey, Arkansas Biosciences Institute

Faculty Outstanding Recipient of Collaborative Efforts (FORCE) - Dr. Andrew Sustich, Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Studies

The retirees, their areas of employment and years of service to Arkansas State are:

Doug Abel - Athletic Administration (12 years)

Wallece Brewer - Math & Science Institute North (13 years)

Glenda Brooks - Controller's Office (40 years)

Linda Dickerson - Residence Life (31 years)

Naomi Graves - Facilities Management (13 years)

Sharon K. Griffin - Library (35 years)

Geraldine Jones - Facilities Management (8 years)

Donna Kirksey - Communication Studies (34 years)

Paula Lamb - Information & Technology Services (43 years)

Judy McCay - Human Resources (25 years)

Dr. JW Mason - Finance & Administration (32 years)

Don Neldon - Facilities Management (29 years)

Steve Riga - Information & Technology Services (24 years)

Carolyn Schilly - Residence Life (6 years)

Jennifer Short - Social Work (16 years)

Lisa Templeton - Psychology & Counseling (11 years)

Carol Tinsley - Career Services (26 years)

Kay Veara - Theatre (24 years)

 30 Years of Service:

Shelia Hill - Admissions, Records & Registration

Peggy C. Hunt - University College

20 Years of Service:

Dennis Ball - Motor Pool

Darrell Barton - Facilities Management

Deanna Lee Beasley - Information & Technology Services

D.A. Davis - Environmental Health

Betty C. Dotter - Facilities Management

Deanna Harris - Nursing & Health Professions

Toni Holt - Treasurer's Office

Ivan Lawson - Information & Technology Services

Marty Scarbrough - Radio Production

Linda M. Thomas - College of Business

10 Years of Service:

Janet Combs - Childhood Services

Joyce B. Cook - Art Department

Ellena Cox - Student Account Services

Julia Fleming - Childhood Services

Debra Greenway - Facilities Management

Shirley Hale - Childhood Services

Rosella Haynes - Childhood Services

Kathy Hicks - Academic Affairs & Research

Kimberley R. Johnson - First Year Programs

Dr. Dean Lee - University Development

April Leggett - Institutional Research

Dr. Cedric Macklin - Mid South Degree Center

Charlotte Kandie Morrison - Childhood Services

Michelle L. Minton - Convocation Center

Milton Poole - Energy Management

Kelley Privett - Student Affairs

Sherry L. Reece - Health Physical Education & Sport Sciences

Sheila Sartin - Arkansas Biosciences Institute

Latonya Tidwell - Research & Technology Transfer

Henry Torres - Information & Technology Services

Karen Trout - Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Educational Center

Christy Valentine - University Marketing and Communications

Caroline Williams - Athletic Administration

Dr. Lonnie R. Williams - Student Affairs

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