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Holyoke police partners with Boys and Girls Club


For Holyoke police, not all law enforcement means taking out the handcuffs.

"We want to make more contact with the youth of Holyoke so they don't only see us as the authority figures, but someone to go to if they're in need of help or any kind of aide," said Lt. Matthew Moriarty.

To make that possible, Moriarty and his fellow officers will be spending more time with the kids of Holyoke taking time to talk about some serious issues.

"They are coming into contact with firearms ... you never know when that basic information is going to be the decision of a lifesaving event," Moriarty said.

But it's not all serious. The officers have partnered with the Boys and Girls Club for more one-on-one time with the kids, even if that means taking it to the basketball court.

"Typically youth are seeing policemen in unfortunate situations and stressful situations and aren't always appreciative of the support and work that the police do in our community," said Executive Director of the Holyoke Boys and Girls Club Eileen Cavanaugh.

Moriarty says they're planning on taking the fear of police out of the kids' minds in the hopes of giving these kids somewhere helpful to turn.

"When something comes up, no one is just being quiet and they don't know how to handle it, that they'll reach out to someone and eventually find someone who can help them," Moriarty said.

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