Officials Look to "Birth" New City

August 24, 2004--Posted 5:00 pm CDT

Independence County--Independence County seat Batesville could have a sister city on the way.  Residents South of the White River have talked about incorporating for years.  Now a grass roots effort is under way to create a city of around 5,000 people.

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South White River steering committee member David Payne says area leaders see great potential for growth.  He says the county will also benefit from industry seeing two class one cities anchoring the county.  “we think there is a tremendous room for growth,” David Payne says, “and a great opportunity for us to expand the area.”


Obviously creating a city of five thousand people is not an easy task.  Once the city would be created they would be responsible for policing, water, sewage, garbage, and other municipal duties.  They will also have to tax themselves to pay for all the new services.  “It is going to be tough,” County Judge David Wyatt says, “they will have to have all the services people demand and it will have to be paid for.” 


The new “city” has to also ask the city of Batesville for permission to form.  Batesville Mayor Joe Biard says while his city is looking at expansion, the city is willing to talk to officials about the creation of a city south of the river.