Demonstrators Protest Upcoming Circus

August 24, 2004--Posted at 5:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--It was probably something you have never seen in Jonesboro before

"I'm not real crazy about someone being nude in front of people,"said observer Diane Secrease.

In fact, it's something you may not ever see again.

"I think it's kinda stupid myself,"said another Jonesboro resident.

Wendy Girard, of California, laid on the ground scantily clad with shackles and painted on bruises in PETA's protest of the upcoming Ringling Brothers Circus in Jonesboro.

"I just wanted to help the animals as much as possible and if this is my only outlet to do it, then I think it's a pretty good one,"said Girard.

"They used stuff that is derived from animal testing, and I think they are just hypocrites,"said April Keith.

Curiosity captivated people as they passed the protester.

They admit it's hard not to stare.

Eyes wandered her way, but she just kept her head bowed.

It's not everyday a woman lies barely clothed on the streets in Downtown Jonesboro.

"I don't see why they make such a big deal about the circus animals when most of them are taken better care of there than they are out in the wilderness where they came from anyway,"said Jonesboro resident Gaylon Dyner.

PETA organizes demonstrations like this worldwide hoping to draw attention to their cause.

Brandi Valladolid works with PETA.

"People may certainly disagree with our tactics but I think they can still walk away with information that allows them to walk away with compassionate choices that helps the lives of animals,"said Valladolid.

"I guess it's part of living in America.  We all have the freedom to express ourselves, but I think this probably takes this a little too far,"said Secrease.

While PETA's shocking display of opposition to the circus captivated the crowd for nearly an hour, it's hard to tell if they actually changed anyone's mind.