Sandbagging in Tyronza

TYRONZA, AR (KAIT) - Tyronza residents are dealing with flooding issues from the recent rain.

The City provides sandbags to protect homes from the rising waters.

Tasha Jones and her family woke up to water inside their house on Pecan Street."You could see water coming all down our hall, and I looked in my mom's bedroom and I could see water all on her floor, and I looked across the hall at my brother's room and there's water standing in his room, and then I go to check on the baby and there's water all under the baby bed."

Tyronza Mayor Marion Bearden said volunteer firefighters started providing sandbags around 2 p.m. Friday. Jones said the bags did little to keep the water outside.

"(I) kept trying to scoop the water out so it wouldn't get in the house, at least out of the living room with a mop bucket and a big old pot."

The water had not yet made it to the doorstep of Clint Hawkins, Jones' next door neighbor, but he is watching it just in case. "My wife called me and she said you need to come home because the water's getting tall and we may need to sandbag and move valuable items out of the house."

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