A portion of hwy 226 re-opens after yesterday's high flooding

CASH, AR (KAIT)-  A portion of Hwy 226 has re-opened after Friday's high level of flooding.There is still a lot of water in the ditches and farmland on the side of theroad, but for the most part driver's are out of the woods.

"It was just bad that the water was all over the road," said Vicki Thompson, owner of Vicki's Store about 2 milespass the flooded areas on 226 in Cash.

"Oh it was busy, busy, people didn't know which way to gowhen they stopped the road. So we had to tell directions and bathroom usagemainly," Thompson said.

She said the flooding was never this bad in past years.

"I don't know what's causing it, it's worse than it use tobe," she said.

And right before 226 was closed off to traffic, a semi and apickup truck hit head on when the semi overturned into a flooded ditch. Thompsonsaid between the accident and the flooding, she had to find a new way home.

"I had to go down gravel and go down and plum around so Ihad to do that 2 or 3 times yesterday and it was hectic," Thompson said.

There were flooding problems all over town Friday. JonesboroEngineering Department Head Craig Light said crews were following their stormdrain route and checking on calls from residents regarding drainage problems.

Thompson said she hopes the flooding problems are fixedsoon.

"Before they started having the construction, it's worstseems like," she said.

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