Police: Scammers state they are attorney or 'local police'

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) – Residents report scammer has been contacting them on private line claiming to be attorneys and even local police officers.

According to Caruthersville Police, many residents claim they received phone calls from a Miller Law Firm in St. Louis, Missouri.

Throughout the phone call, the scammer began to ask the resident about their personal information. If that failed they would also give part of their personal information, such as an individual's social security number and asked the resident to confirm if it is correct.

If the call continued, the caller states he is an attorney for a Pay Day Loan business and claim that someone has taken out a loan in their name.

The "attorney" then proceeds to tell the resident they have notified local law enforcement and arrest them on a warrant issued by the State Prosecutor.

Some residents would then try to contact Caruthersville Police to tell them about a following phone call where the caller said he was a Caruthersville Police Officer but they suspected it was a scam because of the "Officer's" foreign accent.

CPD wants the public to know this is all a scam.

They say if you receive a call in this manner do not give out any information.

If you are receiving this call, hang up immediately and call the police at 573-333-0216.

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