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Tri-State man who lost both arms in ATV accident testing new technology


A Tri-State man who lost both arms after an ATV accident five years ago, now finds himself testing new technology. 

He's one of the first in the world to control his new prosthetic limbs with an app. 

Jason Koger's story has been shared before. Most recently 14 News talked to him back in February when his arms were on an episode of Hawaii 5-0 

Jason says this new technology he's using is the latest step in what he calls an amazing journey.

Jason Koger plays with his kids like any other dad, he just does it a little differently.

"I'm so used to them now that they're just a part of me," Jason says.

Three weeks ago, Jason says he became the first bilateral amputee in the world to own I-Limb Ultra Revolutions.

"The way they work is when I actually feel my hand, so when I raise my wrist it opens, and when I lower my wrist it closes," Jason shares.

A big part of the technology involves an app that lets Jason choose from 24 different grip options. Then download them directly to his hands.

"What happens is I can put a credit card, close down on a credit card, get it in my billfold. They call this a key grip," Jason says. 

He can even see how his muscles are working as he uses them. The best part is that he can do it all from home instead of flying all the way to Dallas, Texas.

"It is an amazing new technology that's getting better all the time. There's several things that I can do a little faster than the other ones that I had," Jason says.

That speed doesn't come cheap. Jason says he's been told the I-Limb Ultra Revolutions can cost anywhere from $80,000-$100,000 a piece.

But he's using them for free, in exchange for some valuable product feedback.

"I test them out for them. I tell them what I like and what I don't like about them and that'll give them the opportunity to keep on and keep on," Jason says.

So even if the technology some day stops improving, don't expect Jason to do the same. He's made up his mind to move forward, full-speed ahead.

Because for him, doing things differently is a whole lot better than not doing them at all. 

"There's always obstacles for anybody in life. In order to get around those obstacles or beat those obstacles is to have the determination, the attitude learn from your mistakes and the endurance to never give up," Jason says.

Jason says he loves his new hands and he's enjoying spending time as a motivational speaker.

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