New teaching technique, brings grades together

Three grade levels, one class.

That's the idea behind the multi-aged classroom being integrated into one Perry County, Illinois school.

Starting next year, Tamaroa Grade School will place first-second and third grade students into a single classroom.

It's a move the school decided to make because of recent budget cuts totaling $70,000.

And it works like this-there will be a single classroom with 30 or more students and two teachers.

Superintendent Bob Trover says testing will be done so that students are grouped with other students by ability-not age.

Students will be taught science-social studies and language together.

Math and reading will be taught according to age.

School board president-Jennifer Alvis says this technique is beneficial for students, both who need the extra help and who excel in the classroom.

I think just the ability for kids to learn at whatever level they are comfortable learning and it's going to be fantastic," says School Board President, Jennifer Alvis. "I think the parents will see a big difference in how their kids are learning, what their kids are learning. Like I said, their first grader might come home and by the end of the year be learning at a third grade level because that's where they are at."

Already the school's fifth-sixth-seventh and eighth grade students are taught in multi-aged classrooms.

Other schools that have adopted this technique include Desoto and Unity Point.

Parents were notified of the change at a school board meeting last week.

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