Gas prices up again as holiday nears

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Gas prices around Region 8 have once again started to rise as the Memorial Day holiday approaches and it's the last thing you want to spend your money on.

"It's hard to go anywhere," said Driver Shari Brewington. "You're going to spend so much of your money that you can spend on your children to have a good time in your gas tank and it's very frustrating."

For some drivers, the price of gas can really put a damper on a budget.

"It does make it a little bit harder to want to go places because I have to worry about how much gas I have between here and there," said College Student Nate Johnson.

However, he has his own way of saving as much as he can to keep from paying full price.

"Typically I go to a Kroger just because it's good to have a rewards system and since I'm on that rewards system, I get three cents off a gallon," said Johnson.

For Brewington, the price doesn't affect her personal vehicle as much as it does the family business.

"Fortunately, my little car gets really good gas mileage but we own a trucking company so the price of diesel is outrageous," said Brewington.

Once added all up, that's one price at the pump no one wants to pay.

"I mean just to put thirty gallons of diesel, you do the math," said Brewington.

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