JPD: Student stabbed principal with pencil

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- A Jonesboro student was arrested Wednesday after stabbing the  principal with a pencil.

According to the Jonesboro Police report, the school resource officer and principal were asked to cometo the special education teacher's classroom because a student was being disruptive and refused todo his school work.

The principalasked the student to stand up and come with him but the student refused. The principal then tried to take the student by the arm and lead him out of the room. Thestudent jerked his arm away and grabbed a box of pencils and threw the boxhitting a classmate in the chest.

According to the police report, the teacher asked all students to leavethe classroom while they dealt with the situation. The resource officer grabbedthe student's arm trying to pick him up from his desk; in doing so, the studentgrabbed a pencil from his desk and stabbed it into the left side of theprincipal's chest just below his collar bone.

The student was arrested oncharges of second degree battery, disorderly conduct and assault. Hewas taken to the Craighead County Juvenile Detention Center where he is stillin custody.

After reaching out to JonesboroSuperintendent Dr. Wilbank, we were told she was out of the office all day.

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