Nature Center's Grand Opening Draws A Large Crowd

August 25, 2004--Posted at 8:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--The Forrest L. Wood Crowley's Ridge Nature Center opened it's doors in grand style this afternoon.

"If people haven't been to a nature center they really need to get this on their schedule right away.  They will be truly amazed and proud to be an Arkansan when they see what we have built for them,"said Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

It's an interactive nature appreciation experience.

It offers walking trails, wildlife displays, and of course live animals.

The center is described as a sight to be seen.....and it was seen for the first time today by hundreds of folks. And it has left a lasting impression on visitors.....

"Snakes, and reptiles, and things like that. The fact is that it's great for educational purposes. My kids can come out and actually feel and touch the things they have out here.

Whether or not you are an outdoor enthusiast, you'll walk out the doors with a greater appreciation for nature,  and the beauty of our area.

The stroke of a brush couldn't paint a prettier picture than what visitors have to look forward to as they walk through this brand new edition to Northeast Arkansas.