Report: Prices for procedures varies by hospital

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- A new government report shows the discrepancy in medical costs when it comes to hospitals charging different prices for the same procedures.

The Obama Administration released the report Wednesday giving consumers information about what hospitals are charging the most for certain procedures.

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"I think one of the main factors that make us a low costprovider within this region is we have lower cost of living obviously, we havea lower wage base in this region of the state and of the country," said NEA Baptist Chieft Financing Officer, Angie Carlton.

"What we really want to do is provide that high quality butkeep it affordable for our community," said administrator of  St. Bernards, Michael Givens.

  Givenssaid they use evidence based medicine to eliminate unnecessary costs.

"Care that is proven through data to be most effective, costeffective and have high quality," he said.

When looking at the data a major or small bowel procedure atSt. Bernards cost about $19,000 but when compared to WashingtonRegional in Fayetteville, the cost jumps up to $53,000 and in Napa,California, which has the same population ad Jonesboro, the costs is $34,000.

"As a patient you are going to be shopping for that low-costprovider, your insurance companies will also be directing you to go to theprovider who has the lowest costs," Carlton said.

She said every procedure is made up of different costs.

"We have to look at the cost of our labor, we want to becompetitive with our labor," Carlton said.

"The equipment that's involved, the actual staff of thepatient for the procedure in a hospital bed, the food that's related to thecare of that patient and of course medications," Givens said.

Carlton said the NEA Baptist Clinic works with their vendors to get the best pricing possible. Givens said at St. Bernards they are constantly makingupgrades to their care.

"We continuously focus on upgrading our technology ourfacilities, and providing the latest in advancements when it comes to providinghealth care," he said.

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St. Bernards

NEA Baptist

St. Vincent’s in Little Rock

Washington Regional in Fayetteville

St. Edwards Mercy in Fort Smith

Other cities with similar population

Napa, California

Pop 77,867

St. Helena Hospital

Portland, Maine



Maine Medical Center

Cardiovascular Proc with drug-eluting w/MCC stent 4 or more vessels












Small bowel procedure w/CC









Permanent Pacemaker implant W/CC














The full report can be found on the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services website.

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