Craighead Co. still having problems with strays

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The rise of stray animals continues to plague Craighead County. However, Animal Control can only take what's within city limits.

"Animal control is for the city of Jonesboro," said Sgt. Larry Rogers. "We are a part of the police department we, patrol the city of Jonesboro and everything within the city limits of Jonesboro."

Many times people will leave their animal on the side of the road, leaving others forced to find it a home.

"People are not responsible for their animal," said Sgt. Rogers. "They take it out in the county and drop it off making someone else responsible."

Once someone tries to help the stray off the streets, far too often an organization is unable to take it in.

"They are limited to be able to take animals in," said Sgt. Rogers.

A new animal control could be a solution to the counties problem.

"The county has no facility at this time for stray animals or for anything," said Sgt. Rogers.

Suggestions on how to fix the issue will be discussed at the Craighead County Quorum Court meeting Monday night at 7pm in the Craighead County Annex.

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