Doctors train as Jonesboro S.W.A.T. officers

Dr. Shane Speights
Dr. Shane Speights
Dr. Spencer Guinn
Dr. Spencer Guinn
S.W.A.T. Doc training
S.W.A.T. Doc training

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Saying "I want to give back to the community". You've heard it, and probably even said it.

It means different things to different people. When you think of medical professionals 'giving back'  fundraiser's and volunteering may come to mind.

But for two Jonesboro doctors 'giving back' means gearing up.

Every two weeks the 32 members of the SWAT team train. And right in the middle there are two members of the p-d  who double as MDs.
Dr. Spencer Guinn and Dr. Shane Speights.
Dr. Shane Speights "You know you have a pretty big responsibility whether it's an officer that gets injured or an innocent bystander or event the perpetrator, your job is all encompassing."
Dr. Spencer Guinn says "Our primary job is once we get inside is to protect the patient."
And that's why these men train as cops, not doctors. No special treatment.
Lt. Roy Coleman helps train the SWAT Team.  "They run the same drills, they wear the same armor. They do exactly as anybody else would."
Speights says, "I have to do it as good as they do. I have to shoot as good as they do. I have to be able to run.  I have to be in as good as shape as they are. I  Don't want to let the team down."
Dr. Guinn says "We do all the workouts with them, all the PT, all the training.  That helps from an acceptance point and helps built trust."
They go in like cops and shoot like cops. To their team members they are cops. Cops who are armed with knowledge that can protect the team as well as the M16s they fire.
In some training sessions The SWAT Docs train the other officers on how to save a life when a scenario goes bad.
They take them through drills. Assuming they need to go in and rescue and injured victim,  even if the victim is one of their own.
Why do they do it?  A need to help protect their community, camaraderie, and don't let them fool you, it can be exciting.
Dr. Speights puts it this way. "That's pretty much an adrenaline dump.  There are people that get addicted to that and I guess I'm one of them"
Dr. Guinn says, "we enjoy being involved with the team. I think it helps from an acceptance standpoint.  SWAT team members are very much like military units.  A very close knit group."
A group of men in black where other than a patch it's hard to tell them from the full time officers. That's the way the SWAT team, and the SWAT docs want it.
Lt. Coleman says "we seem them as cops. Their other job is doctors on the side."
Dr. Guinn says,"the last thing they need to be focused on is the medial aspect. If they have a tactical situation to provide, they'll let us worry about the medicine.  We don't want them worried if we're going to be there to help them."
Shane Speights says "I'm just honored to be working with these guys and that they are willing to put up with me."
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