Businesses win with millions at stake in 2 lotteries

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT)- If you're feelinglucky tonight, you might want to play the lottery. Mega Millions is at $170million dollars for tonight's drawing and the Power ball is at $360 million fortomorrow's drawing.

The Arkansas Lotterycommission encourages players to sign the back of the tickets and keep them ina safe place because if your numbers match up, this is one ticket you don'twant to lose.

"We've seen quite an increase, they usuallyget bigger when they get over a hundred million but this time we think it'sgoing to be really big," said owner of The Holiday liquor store in Paragould, Mike Rowe.

Lottery players havethe chance to win two big jackpots in two days. The Mega Millions is at $170million and the Power ball is at $360 million bringing the grand total to $530million.

Rowe said players usually come inat particular time during the day.

"Our sales generally happen, they get biggeraround 3, 3 thru 7 at night then we have our night time sales and they know thelottery's big," Rowe said.

And you don't evenhave to get out your car to buy a ticket.

"We sell al lot oflottery through the window," he said.

Rowe said they've hadwinners in the past but never an amount this big.

"We've sold a coupleten thousand dollar scratch off tickets," Rowe said. Some lottery playersplay their birthday, anniversary or their lucky numbers but at The Holiday mostplayers put their hopes in the lottery system.

"Ninety percent of ourplayers seem to use the computer to pick their numbers," he said.

The chance of winningthe jackpot is 1 in 175 million but you never know when your luck will turn up.

"I think everybodyshould come in and get a lottery ticket so at least they have a chance," Rowe said.

Rowe said if he won this week he would take a permanent vacation.

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