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Aimee Copeland should receive bionic hands this week


This week Aimee Copeland is going through the process to receive bionic hands.

Copeland lost her hands, left leg and right foot to rare flesh-eating bacteria last year.

Her father Andy Copeland says she's being fitted for the new hands in Ohio at a company called Touch Bionics.

He says she should be able to bring the hands home on Friday.

He said, "She'll be able to utilize a lot of different functions, such as holding a glass. She'll have nine different grasping motions with these hands. It's going to be wonderful to see her be able to reserve as much normalcy with her life as possible."

Even though she should have new hands soon, Andy Copeland says they're having trouble getting United Healthcare, their insurance company, to pay for a computerized left leg.

He says he's considering asking the state to change their insurance policies so his daughter can receive the technology which would help her walk again.

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