Soldier meets baby girl for the first time

Meet 6-month-old Allie
Meet 6-month-old Allie

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Nearly 100 soldiers have returned home from Afghanistan today.

For Specialist Josh Smothers coming home is special because he finally gets to see his baby girl for the first time.

"He's just going to be happy, he's waited so long and you can just tell he's so excited to see her," said Wife Mallory Smothers.

The moment Smother's six-month-old baby girl gets to meet her dad for the first time is almost too much to handle.

"They keep teasing us," said Smothers. "They keep closing the door!"

She had been waiting for that moment for what feels like forever.

"Now that it's here it's just over whelming," said Smothers. "Now that we're in the moment, this is fixing to happen, we're fixing to be reunited!"

As Specialist Josh Smothers held his baby girl Allie for the first time, it was a moment the Smothers family will remember forever.

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