Newport students sum up success through math contest

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) – A math competition has added up to be agreat success at Newport Elementary School.

The school honored more than 200 students during an assemblyThursday for competing in the third annual Math Marathon.

The marathon involved several different competitions thattested students in kindergarten, first and second grades on their math skills.

Robert Pankey, the elementary school's math recoveryteacher, says it was important to reward the students for all their hard workand dedication.

"It's good to see [the students] enjoying mathematics,"Pankey said. "They have the summer reading program, where they can go and enjoyreading. I just want them to know that math can be just like that. It can be anadventure, just like reading can be."

Pankey says the school may let third grade students competein the Math Marathon next year because the contest has only gotten bigger.

"We've had more winners this year than we've had any othertime, it seems like," he said.

Pankey would also like to thank his fellow teachers and thestudents' parents for their continued interest and involvement.

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