Seminar encourages public to plan for natural disasters

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) –Region 8 was given a chance to learn what they can do in situations where atornado is near.

A severe weather safetyseminar was held on Saturday at the Valley View High School Fine Arts Center.

Although Region 8 has notseen much severe weather recently, Ben Schott with the National Weather Servicewants everyone to make sure they have a plan and materials for those cases.

"We talked a little bitabout all the signs mother nature gives you when there is severe weather comingtowards you and then also how people can have some little responsibility tolook at weather information and look at possible (storms) around them", saysSchott.

The seminar was free. Region 8 Storm Team Meteorologist Bryan McCormick also attended the event.

Peoplewere trained on how to react if they spotted severe storms.

Schott says there is noway he can stress enough how crucial it is to have a plan and disaster kit.

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