Fisherman who found body in Black River tells story

LAWRENCE/RANDOLPH COUNTY LINE, AR (KAIT) - It started off as a normal Saturday afternoon for Herschel Meeks and his family as they spent the day on Black River.

"We took the family and went to the river found a beach, most of them covered up so we found one beach that had a little bit of sand on it and we had a little bit of fun," said Meeks.

As the weather forced them to call it a day, Meeks caught a glimpse of something that looked out of the ordinary on their ride back to shore.

"Clouds moved in, we started back down the river and I noticed something on the back that didn't look right," said Meeks.

At first glance he says he was certain he knew what it was but did not want his family around when he went back to check.

"I waited till they were downstream until I turned around and went back to check it out," said Meeks.

When he made his way over, he was certain is first initial thought was correct.

"Sure enough it was what I thought it was so I called the law," said Meeks.

The body has yet to be identified but Meeks said as questions are answered in the next coming days, he's hoping he can bring closure to a family who might be missing a loved one.

"I know it would help me a lot if I lost a kid," said Meeks.

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