Two People Still Missing After Their Boat Capsizes on the Cache River

August 29, 2004--Posted at 9:00 CDT

Grays, AR--A family gathers with prayers in their hearts.

Four of their members are missing.

It was around 2 0' clock  on Saturday afternoon when the Woodruff County Sheriff's office got call reporting a capsized boat in the Cache River.

No one was found around the boat.

"Investigators with the Woodruff County Sheriff's Department went out there and located two vehicles, and located their family members who said they were fishing, and we could not locate them at that time,"said Philip Hydron of the Arkansas State Police.

Arkansas State Police used a helicopter during the search on Saturday night, but came up empty.

They searched until dark, and resumed Sunday morning at 6 a.m.

Dive teams from the Arkansas State Police and the Woodruff County Sheriff's Department , cadaver dogs, and countless other resources are being used to recover this family.

At around 9:30 Sunday morning, one body was recovered, and then officials found another body shortly after 2 on Sunday afternoon.

The average depth of the water in this area is about 16 feet, and unfortunately only one out of the four people in the boat knew how to swim, and none of them were wearing life jackets.

"The area that the cadaver dogs hit on, the area they indicated that there could possibly be a victim under the water,  that's the area they are concentrating on right now,"said Hydron.

Now, they can only wait as search teams scour the murky waters of the Cache River hoping to find the missing members of their family.

Minnie Little is a close family member.

She says it's very important to mend fences with all family members before it's too late.