Frito Lay Announces New Product Line

August 30, 2004 -- Posted at 4:42 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- A Region 8 manufacturer is expanding an existing product line to their assembly process. When the Frito Lay plant opened in 1998, it brought with it hundreds of jobs and a positive outlook for the Jonesboro economy.

Today, six years later, the factory is still doing well and business is looking good. Al Gordon, Frito Lay Vice President of the Central Region said, "Jonesboro is a great community, first of all. We've had a lot of success here since we built the plant. The community has embraced Frito Lay and secondly, we've been able to really find a real good work force here."

Those are just a few of the reasons that Frito Lay announced today the Jonesboro plant would be making a new product. "We're in the midst of installing a new tortilla chip line. It will produce about 18 million pounds of Frito Lay fine snacks for our customers," said Gordon.

Frito Lay opened their Jonesboro plant in 1998, and today's announcement is just one example of how the company continues to grow here in Region 8. "Jonesboro is a pretty central distribution point for Frito Lay. The distribution cost is really economical coming out of Jonesboro," said Gordon. This Frito Lay factory isn't small potatoes.... last year, the Jonesboro plant used 3,300 acres of corn and converted more than 100 million pounds of potatoes into chips. Gordon said, "The 18 million pounds of production will be a big boost for this local plant as well as for this community." And with the football couch potato season coming up, it's something everyone is looking forward to.

The name of the new tortilla chip hasn't been released yet, but it should be on store shelves by early December. The new product is not expected to create any additional new jobs.