Car window smashed, Bible only item stolen

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A woman woke up Wednesday morning and noticed her car had been broken into. She assumed they took money but the thief only stole her Bible.

"I came outside and found the glass and the brick and the window broken out of my car," said Kelli Tainter.

She was shocked by what she saw, vandalism in that area rarely ever happens.

"There's not a lot of it, it's usually a very quiet neighborhood," said Tainter. "We're pretty close and watch out for each other."

When she went to go see what had been taken out of her car she was even more surprised by the one thing that was missing.

"They only took my Bible," said Tainter. "They kind of messed up my choir book a little bit but there were some other things in the car that were worth pawning."

It's something that may not cost very much but still has a lot of sentimental value.

"I've had this one for years," said Tainter. "It has a lot of notes in it, things that mean something to me that probably wouldn't mean to anyone else."

Also taken was something given to her from a friend that she believes may have been the reason they took it in the first place.

"The cover was a gift from a friend, it was pretty with a cross on the front that was jeweled and I'm thinking maybe that's what caught their eye," said Tainter.

However, Bible or not, Tainter said it wasn't going to stop her from her usual Wednesday night plans.

"I'm going to church tonight but my notes for class are missing," said Tainter.

Even though she's going to miss that Bible, she is hoping it will land in the hands of someone who needs it more.

"I would say to the person open it up and read it," said Tainter. "Open it up and read it and if it does you some good then it's a great blessing coming out of this."

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