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Multiple agencies conduct drug investigation, man arrested

FIFTY SIX, AR (KAIT) – Multiple law enforcement agencies come across LSD after they executed a search in a residence on Monday.

According to the Stone County Sheriff's Office, they requested a search warrant on a specific residence as a result of a narcotics investigation.

The Sheriff's Office contacted several law enforcement agencies including the Mountain View Police Department, Arkansas State Police, and the 16th Drug Task Force executed the search warrant.

The search warrant was executed at Garrett Passmore's home. While searching his home, they discovered Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), marijuana, weapons, and moonshine still.

Passmore was arrested on several drug charges including delivery of narcotics.

He is in the Stone County Jail with a $45,000 bond.

No other information was given relating to his court appearance.

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