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Blum becomes Redhawks' 'hit' man

(KFVS) -

Beaned. Plunked. Drilled. Wear one. Take one for the team.

Whatever way you say "hit by pitch," Jason Blum has felt it.

"I'd say the most painful one this year was probably my back elbow," Blum said. "[I've been hit] right on the knee, twice on the helmet--one right on the back, the other right on the brim--probably on my elbow guard about five or six times.

The redhawks sophomore second baseman has been hit by a pitch 21 times this year, breaking Southeast Missouri State's single-season record.

"Bruises are only temporary, so its no big deal," Blum said.

Those 21 bruises are tied for 5th most in the country.

"The next morning you wake up is when you really start to feel it."

Blum's proficiency at being plunked is a combination of luck and guts.

"No skill involved," he said with a laugh.

His cleat cheats toward the chalked batter's box, almost daring pitchers to throw inside.

"You can't think about it or you're going to get out of the way," Blum said.

Though getting hit hurts, Blum knows it helps the team. That's a sacrifice the Valle Catholic alum is more than willing to make.

"If I get on, they're gonna get me over, and somebody's going to get me in," he said. "That's my mentality behind it."

"You know he's just a team player," said Redhawks outfielder Derek Gibson. "It's fun watching a guy like that cause his main goal is to go up to the plate and get on base, he wants to do anything he can for the team."

No matter the pain.

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