New Mobile Police Lab to Help in Meth Lab Busts

August 31, 2004--Posted 3:30 pm CDT

JONESBORO, AR --It  may not seem too special when it pulls up, but the new Mobile Clandestine Laboratory Safety and Investigation Trailer will keep narcotics officers safe when dealing with meth labs.  “It is basically a self contained unit, said Officer Jim Chambers of the Jonesboro-based 2nd Judicial District Drug Task Force, “We can, everything from our own generator lights to tools, even breathing apparatus. 

            Meth has to be cooked in labs which can range from closets of homes to hotel rooms and even the backs of vehicles.  The fumes given off by the cooking process are often flammable and explosive.  The new mobile unit will include sensors to detect explosive and harmful gases, along with totally free breathing units that officers will be able to use.

            The new unit will not just keep officers safe, it will help in the prosecution of meth dealers and cookers.  With the new unit, officers will have everything they need to collect drug evidence right from the scene before, during, and after clean-up.