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Your Week in Viral Videos: Fight for your right to playtime

(RNN) - Two-year-old girls rule the world. If you in any way doubt that statement, you obviously do not have nor have ever had a 2-year-old girl.

One thing that Matt Clarke made abundantly clear in a video he posted this week is that nothing stands between little ladies and playtime.

No really, it's serious business. It's the one time dads should be seen and not heard. Matter of fact, it's probably best not to be seen.

Xbox just committed suicide

Even if you don't play video games, you should pay attention because your teenager will be bugging you for the new Xbox One.

Long story short, hardcore gamers were not impressed. Speculation about all the things you can't do - play borrowed or used games, for instance - overshadowed Microsoft's boast of an all-in-one entertainment experience.

The pricing option of paying a ransom all at once or paying on a monthly basis with an included online subscription (even more expensive, in case you've never owned a cell phone) isn't helping matters.

Morons vs. manatees

Is it a coincidence that bad ideas usually turn into illegal ideas?

Two men in Florida will soon find that out the hard way after a video shot a year ago spread on Facebook and YouTube.

They face federal charges for their idea of fun - diving onto manatees, a protected species.

Spiderman's jump shot

If you're wondering what the world's most unassuming superhero does in his spare time, just ask the kids he dropped in to play pickup basketball with.

Andrew Garfield - in full costume while taking a break from filming the new Spiderman movie - walked to a court in a nearby neighborhood and played hoops with a few kids.

The only thing nicer than this gesture was his outside jump shot. Pretty smooth there, Spidey.

Van Halen, eat your heart out

In a video that would make any father proud - not to mention Joan Jett - a 14-year-old girl absolutely shreds a guitar solo.

In case you're still one of the losers that use the phrase "play like a girl," here you go...


It's science, right?

Baseball players being baseball players

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