Arkansas troopers crack down on holiday travelers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This Memorial Day weekend state troopers and other police departments are making sure all drivers are being responsible.

"We do increase enforcement efforts because we expect additional traffic to be on the highway," said Arkansas State Trooper Cpl. Billy Calderon.

State troopers will be on the lookout in several different locations.

"We'll have enforcement efforts on a specific stretch of highway or we may have sobriety check points set up in random places, on random times of the day," said Cpl. Calderon.

However, they're not just looking for those who are drinking and driving. This weekend they're cracking down on it all.

"We do look for hazardous driving offenses, following to close, speeding, distractive driving, texting and driving has become a big issue," said Cpl. Calderon.

Just as all drivers and passengers should wear while in the car, it's important everyone is wearing a seat belt.

"We deter motorists from driving without a seat belt because we see so many accidents where people could have survived an accident if they had a seatbelt on," said Cpl. Calderon.

Remember while on the road this weekend, if a car is pulled over, be sure to change to the opposite lane.

"If we're on a traffic stop, if they see an emergency vehicle on the shoulder of the road, they're required to move over on the inside lane of traffic," said Cpl. Calderon.

Also, be sure to give enough room between you and the driver in front of you.

"They are in a hurry to get to where they are going," said Cpl. Calderon. "They don't follow the safe driving rules of allowing at least one car lengths distance for every 10 miles an hour that they are going."

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